Faith Begins When The Will of God is Known

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It is by grace through faith and not of human works, struggling and inventing endless ideas to try and fix circumstances beyond our control that we succeed.

In the summer of 2003 my life became without form and seemed to be an empty place, as I felt darkness closing in around me.  In the month of June that year I lost my home; I lost my car; I lost my job; I lost my lifestyle and I lost  much of my possessions.  I even lost the companionship of my little dog for a time as he went to live with friends until I could figure out what to do next.  I could no longer keep my horse in the stable where I was boarding him, and I had no idea where to begin looking for a situation for him.

The truth that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him, as He tells us in 2Peter 1 of His Word, is exactly the life raft I needed.  He specifically shows us how to tap into to all that He has for us.  This, I discovered, is worth selling all you have in order to buy the field where the treasure is buried.

When I look back, sometimes I marvel that the forgiveness and joy I now have in my heart is so utterly complete.  I know I did not accomplish this alone.  I know it was the precious Holy Spirit.  I don’t have one negative feeling toward anyone.  I have only love.

I do not have any bitterness or resentment in my heart for what has happened to me.  God has shown me how—instead—to comfort others with the same comfort  I have received from Him.

This year in June, 2015, it will be twelve years since I found myself one step from being homeless in this natural realm here on earth.  However, wisdom has shown me I was never homeless in the Kingdom of God.  I just needed my Lord to show me that I was running hard and fast on the wrong road.

I needed my Father to remind me that only He could lay the foundation of my future.  I needed to trust Him and to run seeking first the Kingdom of God so I could begin receiving all that He has for me.



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What Does It Mean to be a Parent?

What does it mean to be a parent?

by Ann Dillard, June 16, 2013,, RePosted by Permission
             I have no natural children and I always thought that I would have. It was my dream as a young woman to be married to the same man all my life and to have many children. You see, I love children. I love working with them, teaching them and relating to them. I am a giver to children and a lover to a man. But you can’t be a lover to man, if he doesn’t know how to separate being a parent and being a husband, or if he isn’t a ‘real man’.  HA!

         I always knew the relationship begins and ends with the man and woman(husband and wife) that children are secondary to this relationship…as in this observance is one of the most powerful and influential ways children learn to relate and especially to that of the opposite sex.

Fortunately, early on, I realized that if I was unhappy in a marriage with a man whom I came to lose admiration for, came to loath his habits, his character, and his life-style, that this was not a man whom I would want to have children with. So, I didn’t. I got out of the marriage, instead of bringing a child into it. Unlike some women, and also some men, who ‘think’, if we have a baby, it will make everything better, as this rarely is the case because a child’s needs only serve to make things more obvious and extreme. Therefore, in many cases worse, and I instinctively knew this.

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18th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act


White House Blog
RePosted by ShariLee Beynon a/k/a AmmaLee

On September 13, 1994, President Bill Clinton signed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) into law. This groundbreaking legislation was the result of many years of dedication by women’s advocates and the incredible leadership of then-Senator Biden.

I was working as an advocate in Florida, and I remember it well. For those of us on the frontlines, that was the day everything changed. No longer did we stand alone in the fight to end rape and battering. Finally, we had validation from the highest levels of our government that violence against women was a national crisis and a high priority. From that day forward, our local hotlines were inundated with calls from victims who felt they could finally step forward and seek help.

Over the next decade, advocates and policy-makers developed powerful alliances to implement the new law. In Florida, VAWA funding helped start domestic violence task forces in rural communities where services were nonexistent. In the isolated mountains of Tennessee, VAWA brought medical and crisis services to rape victims. In Michigan, legal advocates helped victims obtain protective orders. In West Virginia, in the first case prosecuted under VAWA’s new federal crimes, an offender was convicted of interstate domestic violence and kidnapping after beating his wife to unconsciousness and driving her around in the trunk of his car for six days while she was critically injured. Read the rest of this entry

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“Let God be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servants” (Psalm 35:27b).

“I call heaven and earth to witness this day against you that I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live” (Deuteronomy 30:19)


Some friends of mine have a refrigerator that has a timer in the door.  If you open the refrigerator, and it stays open for a preprogramed amount of time and then closes—it will not open again for a preprogramed amount of time.

The manufacturer added this feature in order to keep the food from spoiling.  It allows the refrigerator to reach a desired temperature before it is opened again.

Let’s say that you just bought  one of these  refrigerators, but you did not know about this feature, and when you attempted to reopen the door right after it shut, you found it would not budge so you grab a nearby tool and begin to leverage all your strength to pry it open—what do you think would happen?

I can tell you what I think . . .

I think the door would be ruined, or at the very least,  I think that the seal around the door would be ruined, and you would have the aggravation and expense of replacing it. Read the rest of this entry

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Saying Good-Bye to a Friend . . .

I have been spending a lot of time trying to construct a post about a subject that is difficult for me.  I have looked up keywords and tried to break it down into categories.  I have read blogs about how to write your posts so they rank better, and-on-and-on . . .

Then, when I wasn’t even ready–as though I ever could be–I lost a dear friend of almost eighteen years, and I had to drop my structured post and tell you, my internet friends and readers about another loss.

His name was Shadrach–Shaddi for short!   He was a Westie (West Highland Terrior), and if Shaddi and I had a funeral on the same day–more people would come to his than to mine.  Everyone loved him.

He came into my life about 7pm on Christmas Eve, 1994.  My girls and their families were over for dinner and our traditional Christmas celebration.  We were all so busy that I did not even realize the girls were not right there in the middle of everything until the doorbell rang.

I went to the door, and there they were–all three of them–with the cutest little, white puppy in a big, red stocking, and he had a red bow tied around his neck.  My adult daughters looked, for all the world, like three little girls again.  They were so tickled with themselves for pulling off their surprise with great success!

Later, I learned that my new puppy had been lodged at the neighbors until the time came for him to make his happy appearance.

It was definitely the beginning of a wonderful relationship.  I had not been an empty nester for that long, and I had no clue that I even wanted a dog, but my baby girls made that decision for me, and it turned out to be such a blessing. Read the rest of this entry

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